4 Popular Italian Street Foods That Will Blow Your Mind Away

If you are travelling to Italy, you know you are in for some seriously good food. Whether you are craving the best local delicacies in some of Italy’s most popular regions Italy has got all your favourite foods. The city is all about bold flavours, fresh ingredients cooked simply and a passion for the nose to tail eating.

Here Are Some of The Best Italian Foods You Need To Get Your Hands On


There are lots of delicious things to eat here but the area is well known for a particular shape of pasta called OD Quixote which translates to little ear in the capital city. It is common to find women selling fresh homemade Orecchiette on the streets outside their homes. The most traditional way to prepare this pasta is called Orecchiette elaichi which is made with delicious rapini greens.

Tagliatelle al Tartufo

Known as the green heart of Italy Umbria is located right at the heart of the city. The traditional food in the country is very straightforward rustic and deeply satisfying. A particular item that may be luxurious elsewhere is relatively commonplace here. The truffle when you are in Umbria you must enjoy the local truffles which are usually black and earthier than the famed white truffles of northern Italy.

Cozze Allo Zafferano

 Cozze Allo Zafferano or mussels with saffron mugged. When you are in Italy you can’t miss trying a dish with lamb another local delicacy.

Strudel Di Mele

Strudel is famous in German and Australian cuisines but surely not Italian. Parts of Northern Italy however offer a very different type of food. The region of Tolentino Alto adige belonged to the empire of Austria –Hungary until 1919. That is how these strudel DeMolay or apple strudel came to be part of the Italian tradition. Italian version usually adds resins, pine nuts and spices.

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