Advantages of Traveling Across the Globe Solo

Hi, my name is Jeff and I have been travelling solo. The first time I travelled solo was at the age of 11 and there were many ups and downs. I set out with a small trolley and backpack, it was one of the best experiences, since then I have been travelling solo. Here’s some amazing reason as to why you should travel solo at least once in your life:

It Offers You More Flexibility

When you are standing at a crossroad and there is no one and discuss with which way you need to head out you can decide this metaphorically. There are no other people whose needs need to be met when it comes to travel decisions. This adds up a lot of flexibility to your travel plan because you have to take only one person into account.

You Will Save a Lot of Time and Energy

The benefit of solo travel is that you don’t have anyone to argue with and negotiate where and how you are going to plan your travel.  If you travel in a group you tend to spend a lot of time talking about where to go next, let alone the time it takes to assemble the group to wait for everyone to finish. Travelling alone gives you the luxury to come and go wherever you want without wasting time with what your code travellers prefer.

Less Drama

Less drama can also lead to nagging, where people come together there’s more drama especially when there’s a mix of men and women. Drama wastes time and energy although traveling together can be great fun. If you travel alone, you will have less drama and more time to enjoy the holiday.

You Become More Open to Strangers

When you travel in a group you will be surrounded by your groups or travel partners by a privacy bubble that keeps people at a distance. They assume you rather mind your own business as a travel unit but when you travel alone you are more receptive and vulnerable by other travelers.

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